This is what happened:
Yesterday I sneaked into the
ground zero hole.
Actually, I had no idea that this
was possible, but I just passed
the gate and walked down, and
nobody really took notice. The
first 3 levels down, everything
is still quite messy, but the rest
of the 119 below zero floors,
are perfectly intact.
   I took the speed elevator to
go all the way to the bottom
floor -121 to enjoy the view.
I was a clear day and you could
really see far away. all the way
down, All of negative -Manhat-
tan, the subways, the negative
of the statue of Liberty, the
roots of central park, really very
I had a negative-coffee at the
cafeteria and the white servant
that worked at the counter, real-
ly thought I was telling here a
joke when I said that all the po-
sitive had been blown away 2
years earlier.

vorige Arbeit
nächste Arbeit
Auftragszeichnung Nr. 126, 2003
Hannes Kater - Auftragszeichnung Nr. 126

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