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Für: Revolving Door: ISCP ~ Asia
Revolving Door: ISCP ~ Asia | Curator: Yasufumi Nakamori | Dates: August 7 to September 6, 2003

Cambers Fine Art (210 Eleventh Ave. 2nd Fl, New York, NY 10001) present the exhibition "Revolving Door: ISCP – Asia" in conjunction with the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP). The exhibition will include twenty-two current and former ISCP artists-in-residence.

Participating Artists:
Makoto Aida – Japan, Manu Arregui – Spain, So-Yeon Choi – South Korea, Alexandre Estrela – Portugal, Melissa Friedling – USA, Marcia Gojevic – Switzerland, Yoshaki Kaihatsu – Japan, Airan Kang – South Korea, Hannes Kater – Germany, Hiroshi Kobayashi – Japan, Bjørn Melhus – Germany, Kaoru Motomiya – Japan, Hideki Nakazawa – Japan, Fahrettin Örenli – Netherlands, Serge Onnen – Netherlands, Hung-Chih Peng – Taiwan, Fernando Renes – Spain, Francois Rousseau – France, Yasuyuki Sakura – Spain, Satoshi Watanabe – Japan, Tsan-Cheng Wu – Taiwan, Gyoko Yoshida – Japan

The exhibition at Chambers Fine Art explores the "revolving door" experience of the artists who participate in this radically international New York City-based residency program and the possibilities that the door opens for thinking and creating across cultural space and time. The work in the exhibition will investigate subject matters ranging from cityscape, body and identity, to politics and ideology. Revolving Door focuses in particular on how resident artists from Asia work and create in this dynamic environment and how some of the non-Asian residents are influenced and inspired while working along-side artists from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Bringing together both Asian and non-Asians, the exhibition attempts to visualize ISCP as a "global" intersection where collaboration and mutual understanding are highly valued.

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