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Goliath Visual Space
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Say Hi to the 7 Possibilities of Drawing
Presseinfo (in Englisch)
Goliath Visual Space is pleased to lunch the fall season with new site-specific installations by Hannes Kater and Hideki Nakazawa in their recently renovated and expanded space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Space 1: "Say Hi to the 7 Possibilities of Drawing" (working title) is a wall drawing installation by Hannes Kater and marks his first solo exhibition in the United States. Over the past ten years, the German artist has developed a personal iconography of drawing by producing made-to-order drawings, based upon short written anecdotes submitted to the artist by viewers. He, in turn, ponders the stories and reinvents them, the aggregate of which is an individual 2-D semiology or 'pictionary'. Hannes Kater thus names himself a drawing generator, whose large 3-D installations, as in Goliath's space, are a dynamic macrocosm of constellations of thought and interpretation already produced on paper, drawn directly on the walls and augmented by styrofoam cut-outs.

Space 2: the Japanese artist, Hideki Nakazawa, will present new work in accord with the principles of his "method", which advocates logical systems of thinking and rendition rather than an emotional approach to making and interpreting art. A certain number of fixed and moving pulleys will cause ropes to curve at fixed intervals, which are statically pulled by a fixed number of sandbags. The resulting harmony of cadence and rhythm may elicit tension and / or boredom. The artist's intention here, however, is to present line drawings as one hand of art history (the other being color paintings). The ropes represent "line drawings" and nothing more, neither expressing human feeling nor artistic intuition. For Nakazawa, art is not a method of expression; he believes the method itself to be the purpose of artistic endeavor. He has thus been calling himself a "methodicist" since 2000.

Hannes Kater and Hideki Nakazawa are artists-in-residence at the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York.

Goliath Visual Space

Opening reception: September 20, Saturday, 6pm – 9pm
20. September bis 12. Oktober 2003

117 Dobbin Street, Brooklyn NY 11222 • 718.389.0369
Gallery hours: 1pm – 6pm Saturday and Sunday
(Weekdays by appointment only)

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