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I teach at a college and so in a couple days I'll be back in the classroom. But I've had a full summer. I got to spend three weeks in The Hague for a seminar, learning a lot about the Dutch, and while there I saw the exhibition of the work of Jorinde Voigt. It hit me hard and now I've been bitten by the art bug, so my interest in her work led me to you, and I found your website and ideas very interesting.

Drawing really speaks to me, and since it is just about affordable for me, at least a print or two, I feel like I can elevate my surroundings by acquiring pieces of art that connect with ideas, and more importantly questions, that I frequently ponder. As a college professor I think about power and society, people and places... big, thorny questions about the meaning of life and why we can't all get along. I am finding that after this, the summer of 2010, art is more meaningful for me than it ever has been before -- I've always gone to museums and know art history reasonably well in an amateur way -- but now it really is jumping out at me. It's a good feeling but it feels like it could border on obsession.

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