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There are four architects sitting around a meeting table in London. They are discussing how to solve a problem with a building design that they are working on. The problem seems to be where to make an opening high up on the wall of a laboratory, so that certain equipment can fit through the opening without getting in the way of the other parts of the building structure.

The older and more senior architect who I call 'Green' has just made a suggestion and his hand is resting on the table with his pen in his hand while they think about their problem. Theres a silence for a second, and then the architect sitting on his left who I call 'Red' points with his pen in his right hand to the key spot on the plan of the building design, and says: "That's not great, because the opening over the door is actually here." And while he speaks, his hand lifts upwards off the paper about 20 cms and then with the tip of the pen he draws a little rough square in the air, very quickly, which must be the opening they are talking about. The square is about 10 cms on each side, but its hard to even call it a regular shape because its drawn so quickly and only happens in about 2 seconds, while the others wait to speak and to make more drawings on the paper sheets laid out on the table.

The talking goes on for a minute or so, with all four architects looking at the plans and the measurements are being discussed. 'Blue' sits on the other side of the table and has his arm in a plastercast and sling, but he is able to point to the same places on the plans with his left hand when he is speaking very softly and lowly. 'Green' does a bit more drawing on the paper, which I think is a new idea for the opening in the wall. In the end, 'Purple', sitting next to 'Red', laughs and says "I really like that!" - 'Purple' is maybe not an architect but an engineer who knows all about the structures, so he will have an opinion that is useful to the others.

The details of the plans and the building they are hoping to make is not very clear to me, because I am not an architect. But there is something fascinating about the way that 'Red' has drawn in the air to make his statement, as if he were making a transparent model for them all to look at. Perhaps this is the only way for him to be sure that people can understand what he is saying.

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